Theatre Shop

  Our children's corner is filled with toys...

Our children's corner is filled with toys...


Feel the wings of history in our theatre shop located in an 18th century building conveniently located next to the theatre.

Here you will find wonderful souvenirs and gifts of all prices and for all ages, everything with a strong connection to the theatre and its surroundings.

We offer recorded opera performances on cd and dvd, books about the history of opera, interior design, royal court life and interesting biographies - all around the 18th century. Unique products with prints and patterns from the theatre and an exciting model of the theatre to assemble yourself.

You will also find elegant craft items, adorable soaps, irresistible napkins as well as exclusive, classic and bijouterie jewellery. 

Our children's corner is filled with toys and costumes inspired by the theatre, royal life and 18th century. 


Paper & Tarpaulin in the Theatre Shop

Paper artist Marie-Louise Otte creates the most beautiful sculptures and paper shoes. Each art piece is unique, all made from exquisite paper, painted and decorated with gold, silver and Swarovski crystals.
Artist Eva Badenhorst reproduce wall decorations that were common in castles and mansions in Sweden during the 18th century and makes her own compositions based on the different expressions of the time.  Most of the paintings are on old, rough tarpaulins.

The present meets the past. The refined, the baroque and the feminine, the raw and natural plays beautifully together.

Exhibition 1-20 August, but many wonderful items are still for sale in the Theatre Shop.

Opening Hours 2017

March Sat-Sun 11-16
April daily 11-16
May-September daily 10-17
October daily 11-16
November Sat-Sun 11-16
December Sat-Sun (until 16 Dec) 11-16

The Theatre Shop is open on performance evenings, until the performance starts.

Contact us by tel. +46 8 759 04 06 or


One can feel a sensational atmosphere, entering Marie-Louise Ottes fairytale world.

In the working process it can take from 8-13 weeks before she is satisfied with the result. All paper are handprinted by herself, and after that process she decorates the items with gold, silver and Swarovski crystals.

There is a red thread through Marie-Louise Otte’s work - the love for the ballet and the theatre, the love for the colours and to Life.