Dear audiences!

Click on the image to download the 2016 folder as a pdf

Click on the image to download the 2016 folder as a pdf

Drottningholm Court Theatre, our shared world heritage, is 250 years old this year!
Let us celebrate together this object of beauty which still touches us with its magic to this very day. It is a palace of dreams and illusions created in the optimistic spirit of the Enlightenment, an era that praised beauty and sensuality, when sense and sensibility were to merge into deep, rich experiences that would
make us whole. It was the blueprint of a communal and just society based on humanist values. There are many great and wonderful ideas to be inspired by from the Enlightenment and its utopians, both their courage and their visions.

Queen Lovisa Ulrika’s big dream of an elegant yet high-tech theatre was born in a wholly intercultural milieu, a motto that remains the cynosure of our lives. We remember with gratitude all those loving hands that have kept the theatre preserved in its original state, and it is with great humility that we let it live on as a genuinely living cultural heritage. The building itself is a work of art, with its advanced trompe l’oeil paintings, the hand painted wallpapers of its salons and the perspectives, acoustics and, not least, ingenious machinery of its stage!

The theatre – a ship of fantasy that can carry us on voyages through time and space. A place of boundless illusion that is yet anchored firmly in reality and the important issues of our own age.
Inspired by King Gustav III’s passion for experimentation, we open the celebrations with a newly composed opera, a generous jubilee gift from the Friends of Drottningholms Slottsteater, and round off with contemporary indie music performed by our fantastic baroque musicians. We celebrate with works by Roman, Uttini, Bach, Mozart, Sandström and Parisian Peter von Poehl! Opera, dance, drama, concerts, film, talks, conversation and new theme tours – all in the spirit of the new enlightenment!

We welcome the spoken word and thespian art back to Drottningholm and embark on an exciting collaboration with the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the Ingmar Bergman International Theatre Festival. And that’s not all: on a late summer evening as the sun sets over the English park we’ll be able to enjoy Bergman’s world famous screen adaptation of Mozart’s “Magic Flute”. 
Now here to get things underway are Ingmar Bergman’s own words on the Drottningholm Court Theatre and the Magic Flute:

“Here lies the noble magic of illusory theatre. Nothing is; everything represents. As soon as the curtain
is raised, the agreement between stage and audience manifests itself: now let us create together!”

Vive l’Art, la Beauté et la Liberté!

Sofi Lerström
Artistic and Managing Director